​Lets start by deciding where to pick from. If you're trying to accomplish a unique look check out the options here:

Prismatic Powder

If you're looking for something a little less wild or for more commercial use standard colors look here:

Cardinal Paint products
Ready to request a quote?
Step 1: Pick a finish and color
Step 2: Email us
Email us a few pictures of what you want coated, the color code, and where you got the code (Prismatic or Cardinal) and try to describe the finish that is currently on the item. For wheels with light curb rash we can usually sand or file it out to the point where it is no longer noticeable after it is coated.
Step 3: Get your item to us
Once we agree on a price we can get started. You have the option to ship the parts to us if you are not local and we will ship them back when they are finished. If you are local, you can drop by the shop with your parts during business hours. If you can't make it during business hours, shoot us an email and we will most likely be able to accommodate a time to meet up.

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